Influence the next steps on SAP Data Archiving and ILM

28-09-17 | News

DSAG JK 2017


Our newest member to the team, Frederic Hottner, is the Head of Sales for Germany.


Frederic has been busy already in his first month, diving straight into the relevant sessions at the DSAG event.


A key session he attended was the Live-Influencing Sessions on the DSAG-Stand focused on Data Archiving/SAP Information Lifecycle Management.


The high level of engagement from the audience with the DSAG focus group leaders was expected.


Online feedback is currently being taken on the SAP Influence and Adopt platform with a specific Customer Influence Group set up on Data Archiving/SAP Information Lifecycle Management.

Take time to give your feedback on:

It's easy to register especially if you already have a Single Sign-On account for SAP platforms (SAP App Store, SAP Partner Edge, etc.).


Feedback are being collected now until 9 November 2017.


SAP will then update the community in early 2018 on which changes or improvements will be implemented. 

This is your chance to influence SAP directly.

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