Great discoveries and achievements at 20

27-03-17 | Blog

Did you see The Great Comet of 1997?

Don’t worry, I could not remember it either.  

The Great Comet was one of the brightest and was visible to the naked eye for as long as 18 months. Its tail dust extended 40-45 degrees across the sky. It is also named the comet Hale-Bopp, after the two people who discovered it.

Thanks to the internet, the many websites that were tracking the comet Hale-Bopp were able to provide daily picture updates to the public. This contributed to the exceptional interest from the public around the world.

As part of my new blog series that started in January this year, I wanted to look back and write about the milestones achieved around the world 10 and 20 years ago – and remember the great achievements by an individual or group of individuals in 1997 or 2007. Why not click back to the January and February posts on #Throwbackto97?

The TJC methodology also involves the process of looking back at your data to identify potential savings, develop a data and document management strategy, and bring consistency to your data. But most importantly, it allows you to be ready for any future tax and audit compliance requirements.

Your data never loses its relevance even if it’s not needed anymore at the present time. Tax managers, audit managers, and tax authorities rely on your old data to review, measure, and validate your company’s profitability and your tax responsibilities. Therefore you need to be confident on your old data to be accurate and consistent (to avoid fines and penalties!).

TJC know and understand this well and have been doing so in the last 20 years. Our approach has always been fiscal-centric ensuring that you have the confidence of your data integrity and enabling you to readily respond to tax and audit demands in the future.

Oh, and by the way, TJC was also created in 1997.