Getting Real - Making sense of "latest announcements"

18-10-18 | Blog

October is a month for technology conferences: SAP Tech Ed in Las Vegas, USF Convention in Lyon, DSAG Kongress in Leipzig, then SAP Tech Ed in Barcelona.

It has always been the highlight of our calendar year because it’s a pleasure discussing with customers and prospects, meeting competition and other SAP partners.

But sometimes, what you hear from these exhibitions can set off alarm bells ringing.

I already find it strange to read about solutions being offered for GDPR implementation promising 30 days for initial ILM setup for HR and 40 days completion for initial ILM setup Customers, Vendors, and BP. What does this mean? It looks like this: I take you out on the road then leave you in the middle of nowhere when we are already on the highway.

Also during a discussion, a consultant who was presenting on GRPR started off on a good note with impact analysis. He then all of a sudden went off into the “Twilight Zone” (like the hit TV series), saying he’s customizing SAP ILM but he is not archiving.

Cutting through the noise of SAP announcements

This is why I’m writing this post.

A consultant cannot be blamed for missing new announcements; as there’s always so many of them in different forms.

For example, some important new part of SAP ILM just came out of Walldorf a few weeks ago. Others are explained on SAP PRESS books or just announced for the first time at 2018 SAP Tech Ed in Las Vegas. And if you were at DSAG, there also a few announced during this conference. There are indeed, some SAP solutions with no announcements yet, even if SAP is already working on them.

But SAP ILM has been out for more than 10 years : it’s not difficult to understand it’s an extension of data archiving. Therefore, someone cannot be a speaker in GDPR and SAP ILM for GDPR, let alone a consultant, and not know archiving. Also, it only takes some reading to realize customizing SAP ILM is not the issue. If you ever played with new SAP ILM features from 2017, you know ‘simplified blocking’ is far from being simple.

People who are involved at the customer side on GDPR project are heroes. They take on a difficult journey. And if their company gets fined for GDPR, this will be terribly embarrassing and expensive, so they may end up being blamed.

Yet, this regulation makes sense if privacy issues are important to you as a citizen as they are important to me. There is a balance to be found in respecting the law, acting respectfully of persons, cost of implementation, and protecting his company. This balance will come out from legal arguments that will be judged in the next few years.

So as consultants and consulting companies, we need to do our best to assist our customers’ heroes. And some of us should just leave the “Twilight Zone” and get back to real life.

Because your data matters

Thierry JULIEN, CEO and Founder of TJC Group

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