Education: A powerful tool

29-08-17 | Blog

Sharing knowledge has always been at the forefront of what TJC is all about. Did you know that since the company started in 1997 and until 2 years ago, we had been a trainer for SAP on the subject of archiving in Western Europe?

Yes, we have trained almost 1200 students in approximately 27730 hours.

In fact, the first TJC project was with the SAP team to form SAP Academy in 1997 and deliver SAP certifications in France. This also meant Thierry Julien, founder and CEO of TJC, passed his certification together with his SAP trainers.

We really believe that strategic and consistent archiving achieves both storage cost savings and timely access to precise data. The reality is data storage is expensive but access to the exact data to prepare your tax audit reports is also crucial.  From the onset of and during every discussion, we help our customers understand why their data matters so they can make the right decisions for their system landscape and business process. And we are passionate in sharing with our customers how data, document, and fiscal archiving gives them the confidence to extract the right data at the right time.

We extend this knowledge sharing by supporting learning-inclined organizations. At the end of 2015, we supported A'kuwa - an organization with a program that focuses on providing essential knowledge to pupils in the second to fourth grade on 4 key areas: Health and Hygiene, Environmental Sustainability, Creativity, and Sports. The program involves volunteers supporting teachers to implement this program.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.  - Nelson Mandela

We hope you had a great summer.