Archiving your SAP system protects your future

30-07-18 | Blog

Your past is essential to your future.

We at TJC believe that your data is the lifeblood of your company. Data is generated from all areas of the business: sales transactions, inventory, production materials, supply chain, customer relationship, to name a very few. The advancement in hardware technology and connectivity has propelled the rate of data growth, now faster than ever.

The value of data does not end after creation. Instead, the value of data increases for the purposes of corporate responsibilities for tax and audit compliance and for gaining business intelligence to reinforce company growth and drive innovation.

Future-proofing your data through SAP archiving is possibly one of the best strategies you will choose.

Your data will be required for future requests for tax and audit reviews, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory compliance. So reliable data are important for these.

To achieve consistent data, precise archiving needs to be in place for your SAP system because -

  • An auditor will want to be 150% sure their reports are consistent with the original data.
  • A tax manager will want to confidently file the company's tax reports based on traceable consistent data.
  • A CEO will want to know the size of their business acquisition.
  • Similarly, a CxO will want an accurate business divestment including data transfer.
  • The company will need to adhere to legal data retention rules according to its industry and latest rules such as GDPR. 

Jump to our solution page for SAP Archiving and find out what are the benefits you will gain. Why not drill down the benefits specifically to your role/function.