Archiving By Design

26-06-18 | Blog

Data Archiving is one pillar of SAP ILM. SAP ILM is key to GDPR implementation, both for consent revocation, for selective data destruction, and also for legacy system archiving. Last but not least, tax preparation (SII or SAF-T) or tax audit management is getting more and more complex and intrusive.

A few weeks ago, a justice decision was made public: a French company totalling less than 200 million euro of revenues was found guilty of data breach on an application generating less than 5 million euros of revenue. The sentence was made public and the fine is one quarter million euro.

Guess what, this was before GDPR took place. Who’s next?

At the same time, S/4 & HANA migration is not taking place at the expected speed. One reason being the cost of new architecture are unexpectedly high due to memory requirements.

Companies who do not face this reality will pay the price: on architecture costs, on fines, and on reputation.

At TJC, we’re not only expert at building “Archiving by Design”, something we used to call a ‘TJC Expertise’, but we’re also expert at “ongoing archiving” so that you keep reaping the benefits over time. We use a proven methodology, archiving automation software (ASC), and business process outsourcing to get there. Because you need all of this to get the results you require. 

And yes, what we call archiving includes: data aging, data & document archiving, SAP ILM, selective data destruction and legacy system archiving, as well as archiving for cloud migration and tax archiving.

Because your data matters.

Thierry JULIEN, CEO and Founder of TJC Group

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