How to better prepare for your SAF-T reports

13-08-16 | Blog

Having had numerous conversations with different customers on SAF-T solutions and their issues, we would like to share this 4 practical advice that we think are applicable to any company:

  1. For better resource planning: include SAF-T report submission into your business and IT strategy.
  2. To submit the report on time: work closely with your auditors to ensure the SAF-T reports submitted can be reconciled to the results of the tax reports filed.
  3. For cost effectiveness and consistency: Select the right tool that will give you the autonomy and flexibility to use for all SAF-T country requirements.
  4. For easier tax audit reconciliation and longer term data access: implement fiscal archiving using a consistent formula.

Have you read this yet? One solution for your multiple country SAF-T reports for SAP users.