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SGD Group/Verescence

Glass bottle and packaging company producing 1 billion bottles every year had just completed an SAP archiving with TJC and as a result gained significant database volume capacity in their exisiting system. They wanted to keep on top of this to maintain the ROI gained by asking TJC to run archive process remotely, monitor, and produce a report for review or further action.

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Special steel manufacturing firm selling 190,000 tons of products recognized that SAP archiving is needed to improve global system performances. TJC was asked to complete this process for the specialist archiving objects and automate the process for ongoing archiving to maintain the database ROI achieved.

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Transport company that has 46% of the market share wanted to maintain their SAP system performance without further hardware investment and with limited team resource. TJC implemented automated archiving to maintain database gains and comply to legal data retention rules.

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Petit Bateau

Upgrading SAP 4.7 to SAP ECC 6.0 required this apparel company with a turnover of €280million to shrink their SAP system database to 3TB. TJC was urgently called in so they can meet their overall project timeline. The result is a database of 2.1TB ready for upgrade.

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Rio Tinto

A FTSE 100 mining company with a global presence needed a complete system decommissioning of their legacy system but also wanted to retain easy access to the legacy data to satisfy French tax requirements. TJC completed the project in 2 months with 100% of data extracted and also trained end-users to be self-reliant on accessing the legacy data.

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Brake Food

Fresh food wholesaler that supplies to 45,000 customer sites in France alone, wanted a specialist who has deep technical knowledge of databases, large data volume, content servers, and fiscal archiving. The specialist support is to help them monitor and review regular archiving process and take further action when needed. So far, 65,900 archiving files/ 1.7GB have been generated with TJC's archiving Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). 

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JC Decaux

World's largest outdoor advertising company required precise and complete extraction of their purchased companies through a Mergers and Acquisition process. Trust, efficiency, and TJC published SAP Certified Add-On software made it possible to retrieve the exact data, documents, and reports of the acquired companies which will be needed for any future audit and tax audit requirements.

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