Upcoming exhibitions - will you be there?

19-09-18 | Events

TJC senior technical leads will be onsite at one of these conferences. 

Drop-in sessions are available all throughout. So plan your questions or just stop by and say 'Hello'. 

Our subject matter experts can help you with:

  • Best practices for your S4 HANA migration (greenfield, brownfield or landscape transformation)
  • How-To technical implementation for your GDPR process using SAP ILM and TJC tools
  • Gaining leaner systems with access to audit-ready data
  • Full retirement of your legacy systems the practical way
  • Tax audit preparation with efficient automation for consistent data

10 - 11 October: USF Convention 2018 in Lyon, FRANCE

16 - 18 October: DSAG Kongress 2018 in Leipzig, GERMANY

16 - 18 October: SAP Financials 2018 in Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC

23 - 25 October: SAP Tech Ed 2018 in Barcelona, SPAIN

11 - 13 November: UKI SUG Conference 2018 in Birmingham, UK

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See you at one of these cities!