How to decommission Legacy SAP or non-SAP systems? (Webinar)

15-11-21 | Events

Event date: Tuesday 23 November, 11:00 am – 12:15 pm (CET)

As SAP users everywhere begin planning for migrations from ECC to S/4 Hana, the environmental impact of data centres and the huge volume of carbon dioxide they generate has come under the spotlight.  Data centres are predicted to use 20% of the world's electricity by 2025 - more than any other sector - and yet only 7- 15% of the data typically found in an organisation’s IT systems is actually being used. 40% of the memory being used is completely wasted on storing and maintaining redundant data. The problem is only getting bigger because most companies see their data grow by 32.5% each year without any data volume management in place – even more in some industries.

oXya and TJC Group invite you to a webinar during which they will answer all your questions on this strategic issue for companies. 

  • Why define a legacy management strategy now?

  • What are the keys to a system shutdown? What are the best practices?

  • How to grasp this subject and promote it internally?

  • How to address these issues concretely?

  • Live demonstration of TJC's ELSA solution for restoring stopped systems.


ELSA is a Cloud Legacy Systems Shutdown application for SAP systems and non-SAP users. ELSA will have easy access to all the information, data, reports, tables, transactions of ERP systems and other applications definitively stopped in compliance with legal and fiscal constraints.  

 Reduce your costs and optimize your IT investments.

 Be in regulatory compliance and respect data confidentiality.

 A SAP BTP certified solution

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Speaker: Thierry JULIEN

President / CEO of TJC Group.

Connect with Thierry through LinkedIn.