Managing SAP Documents as a SAP Administrator

SAP Administrator

Implementing digital document management that is fully compliant can be a challenge. TJC Group offer a SAP certified document management solution with detailed logs and advanced reporting functionality that makes compliance straightforward.

Our enterprise content management solution is designed to be safe secure and stable. Our SAP certified Add-Ons make it simple to integrate document management to your existing SAP database without impacting system performance. This provides you with a straightforward solution for automated generation and digital storage of reports, providing your business with the records it needs for compliance.

Meeting the needs of SAP Administrators with our enterprise content management solution

Our knowledge of SAP databases and real-world implementations allows us to respond quickly to customer demand and continually develop our products in line with the needs of our clients. This has led us to develop an enterprise content management solution that can be easily integrated with existing SAP implementations, providing the key features you need without impacting on the performance of your system.

Our document management solution provides the following benefits:

Reliably automate and digitize reports with full traceability to ensure compliance

Our solution provides an simple way to manage reporting, leveraging your existing system infrastructure. Reports can be automated, preventing the need for regular manual tasks. This reduces the risk of manual errors being introduced. Automation allows reports to be run during off-peak periods, ensuring that the day-to-day work of your SAP users is not impacted and maximizing the use of system resources. Detailed logs ensure that reports have full traceability, supporting compliance.

Effective status reporting to support system management

Our solution generates alerts that make you aware of any errors in reports, system downtime or unsuccessful runs. Detailed logs make it easy to pinpoint errors and make amends.

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