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Introducing enterprise content management to support legal compliance can be complex and costly, but the risks of not completing such a project can be significant to your business. TJC Group have developed a cost effective document management solution that leverages your existing SAP infrastructure. Our tested methodology delivers robust ROI with fixed price projects.

We undertake a detailed consultancy period for each new project to ensure we fully understand the needs of your business. This allows us to manage projects with the confidence, identify areas for potential savings, and deliver a return on your investment.

Meeting the needs of Project Managers with our enterprise content management solution

Our enterprise content management solution allows your business to easily implement document lifecycle management using your existing content server. Detailed logs are generated for security and progress reports, providing the traceability you need. Designed to support your business processes and deliver compliance with your document retention and destruction policies, the project scope will ensure the solution is tailored to the needs of your business and your SAP users.

Our document management solution provides the following benefits:

Leverage your existing system infrastructure

Our document management solution provides your business with the key features it needs to deliver effective document lifecycle management without adding to your infrastructure requirements. TJC Group's enterprise content management approach uses SAP certified software and your existing content storage server to provide the functionality you need without complex integration requirements.

Delivers full document lifecycle management up to destruction

TJC Group's document management solution can be tailored according to your parameters for management, retention and deletion of documents. Our detailed consultancy will ensure that the solution is fully compliant with the needs of your business and any legal requirements for the retention of your data.

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We are happy to discuss your specific needs and answer questions about how our enterprise content management solution can be implemented within your business. Contact us to find out more or to arrange an appointment. You can also download our whitepapers and product information.

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