Finance or Department Manager

Finance or Department Manager

Digital document management for legal compliance can generate additional manual work for your teams. Manual report generation also provides opportunities for errors to occur. Our enterprise content management approach allows report generation to be automated, reducing effort and providing flexibility.

Our enterprise content management solution leverages our 20 years' experience in developing solutions for SAP users. It reduces the effort required to generate compliance reports and gives you complete confidence that the reports are consistent with your original data. By enabling reports to be automated, our solution gives your team flexibility to generate reports at any time, while minimizing the impact on system resources.

Meeting the needs of Finance and Department Managers with our enterprise content management solution

Our document management solution was developed to deliver the key functionality that your business requires, while leveraging your existing system infrastructure. It provides you with compliant document management while reducing the effort and cost associated with meeting your legal obligations.

Our document management solution provides the following benefits:

Automates report generation, reducing time, effort, and errors

Our document management solution can introduce a number of efficiencies into your reporting process. Its straightforward interface makes it simple to create and save customized queries for report generation. This reduces the manual effort required, but also prevents the introduction of errors through manual input. Once defined, reports can be automated or run at any time, allowing your team to submit these reports on time and focus on other tasks.

Legally compliant digital document and data storage

Reports generated by our solution are consistent with the source data. Each report generates a full traceability log, giving you confidence that your business is compliant while minimizing the effort required.

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