SAP Data Extraction for Tax or IT Project Managers

Tax or IT Project Manager

Meeting the tax reporting obligations for a multinational business can be complex. TJC Group's data extraction solution provides you with a simple, unified solution that can easily generate customized extracts for each country you operate in. Designed to be flexible, this solution allows you to respond to changing requirements, such as the roll out of SAF-T in Europe.

Part of our suite of SAP certified software, our data extraction solution for tax and audit is used by hundreds of businesses worldwide to provide easy access to online and archived SAP data. Built to meet the needs of businesses, we have created a trusted solution that supports your tax compliance without compromising system security or performance.

Meeting the needs of Tax Project Managers with our data extraction solution for audit and tax

We are aware of the needs of business when it comes to providing data for tax and audit use. With a strong technical background, we have developed an SAP workspace that simplifies the extraction process, putting it in the hands of tax and finance teams while meeting the system security needs of your business. Our solution makes it easy for your business to create customized extracts from large volumes of data without impacting the performance of your system.

Our data extraction solution for audit and tax provides the following benefits:

Allows staff to easily create data extracts for different countries from a single interface

Tax and audit requirements in different territories can vary considerably and managing the data for these requires a significant amount of resource. Our SAP certified workspace provides a single, unified interface. This allows tax and audit staff to be given autonomy to customize and run data extracts across online and archived data. Data extracts can be automated to run at regular intervals and easily updated to meet new legal requirements.

Enables large volumes of data to be managed without impacting on system performance

Ensuring tax compliance for a multinational business can require the extraction of large quantities of data for review and assessment. Performing these extracts within a traditional SAP environment can have significant impacts on system-wide performance, with knock on effects for other users. Our audit and tax extraction solution uses several approaches to prevent this, including automation of extracts at off-peak times and requiring SAP administrator approval for large extracts.

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