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Data extraction for tax and audit purposes is necessary for your business to meet compliance obligations on time. However, its implementation can pose a number of problems for the effective administration of your SAP systems. Providing autonomy for auditors can have system and information security implications and their activity can impact the performance of the system for all users. Our data extraction solution for tax and audit has been designed to address these issues directly.

TJC Group have developed a stable and robust data extraction solution for tax and audit, which forms part of our suite of SAP certified software. Utilized by hundreds of businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries, our data extraction solution provides you with a simple way to support audit and tax functions without compromising system security or performance.

Meeting the needs of SAP Administrators with our data extraction solution for audit and tax

As SAP experts with over 20 years' experience of data volume management projects, we understand the needs of SAP Administrators. We provide reliable approaches to deal with the system performance and security issues that are frequently present within businesses. We understand that every business and every SAP implementation is different, so we undertake detailed consultancy that engages with all key stakeholders to ensure that our data extraction solution meets every users' needs.

Our data extraction solution for audit and tax provides the following benefits:

Allows for the extraction of large volumes of data without impacting on system performance

Tax and audit compliance can require the extraction of large quantities of data for review and assessment. Performing these extracts in a traditional SAP environment can have significant impacts on system-wide performance, with knock on effects for other users. Our audit and tax extraction solution uses several approaches to prevent this, giving SAP administrators control over the extraction process and ensuring your system performance is not impacted.

Reduces the pressure on SAP administration resources by providing autonomy to auditors

The need to manage access to sensitive business and personal data held within your SAP database can result in multiple, complex requests to the SAP administration team for extracts to be used for tax and audit purposes. Our solution allows you to provide auditors with direct access to data, without compromising your organizational security policies or system performance. This reduces the SAP administration resource required to ensure compliance.

Provides a simple access management interface to easily maintain security policies

The SAP certified software provided as part of our data extraction solution allows you to easily manage user access to data at an individual level. These permissions extend to the content storage used for extraction, allowing you to control access outside of SAP.

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We are happy to discuss your specific needs and answer questions about how our SAP data extraction solution for audit and tax can be implemented within your business. Contact us to find out more or to arrange an appointment. You can also download our whitepapers and product information.

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