SAP Data Extraction for Directors or General Managers

Director or General Manager

Ensuring compliance with local tax regulations can be challenging for a multinational business. Providing the relevant data to auditors and finance teams can require significant input from SAP administrators. Guaranteeing the consistency and accuracy of your data can also prove difficult within standard SAP implementations. TJC Group have developed a data extraction solution that provides a simple interface allowing tax and audit staff to create data extracts themselves, with full traceability logs.

Our SAP certified solution for tax and audit data extraction has been designed in collaboration with our clients to ensure it meets the needs of businesses. Now used by hundreds of companies worldwide, this trusted solution simplifies the process of data extraction for tax and audit, reducing the overall cost of compliance.

Meeting the needs of General Managers with our data extraction solution for tax and audit

We have worked with stakeholders across all areas of the business to ensure our solution supports your requirements for compliance and reduces the total cost of meeting your regulatory obligations. Our solution can provide significant productivity gains by giving auditors and financial staff the autonomy to generate large and complex data extracts, without impacting the security of your system.

Our data extraction solution for audit and tax provides the following benefits:

Makes compliance with local tax laws and regulations easy to manage

The simple to use software makes it easy to define different extracts for each country your business operates in. These can be automated to provide regular and timely data extracts, allowing your business to meet its obligations in time, every time. The granular permissions in the system allows SAP Administrators to grant direct access to data for your auditors and finance staff without compromising your data security policies. Large extracts can be set to run at off-peak times, ensuring that system performance is not impacted. Data can be extracted into any format to suit the audit tools used by your business.

Provides fully traceable data that's consistent with the source

Users are able to extract data from both online and archived data sources. Each extract generates a full log ensuring entries can be traced back to the source data. You can therefore be confident of the consistency and accuracy of the data.

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