SAP Data Extraction for Finance or Tax Managers

Finance or Tax Manager

Your business needs to be able to respond quickly to requests from tax authorities and deliver reliable financial data to internal finance teams and auditors. Data extraction from SAP databases can be complex and rely on support from SAP administrators who may already be stretched. TJC Group have developed a data extraction solution that allows large volumes of data to be extracted quickly and easily. Designed to be accurate and consistent with the source data, these data extracts can be generated by your tax and finance teams, without affecting the overall security of your database.

Our data extraction solution for tax and audit makes it simple to create customized data extracts. These can be automated in order to provide regular reports. This approach allows large amounts of data to be extracted quickly, reducing lead times and providing your teams with more time to analyze the data. Granular permissions provide finance and tax teams with the autonomy to generate their own data extracts, enabling you to respond quickly to the needs of your business.

Meeting the needs of Finance and Tax Managers with our data extraction solution for tax and audit

Our data extraction solution has been developed in consultation with stakeholders from all areas of business, including Finance and Tax Managers. It has been designed to support your business in delivering its tax and audit obligations, while also meeting the needs of IT departments. Our solution is used by businesses large and small across all sectors.

Our data extraction solution for audit and tax provides the following benefits:

Generates fully traceable data you can have confidence in

The SAP certified software that makes up our data extraction solution allows you to query both live and archived data from the same interface. Detailed logs provide full traceability so you can be confident that the extracted data is consistent with your source data.

Extract large volumes of data whenever it is required

Our simple audit extraction dashboard allows staff in finance and tax functions to access data directly, without having to request it from SAP administrators. Data extracts can be automated to run at regular intervals so your teams will always have the data that they need. Extracts are fully flexible, allowing you to update queries and respond to changing requirements for tax reporting and audit. Large extracts can also be scheduled for off-peak hours to ensure system performance is not affected at business-critical times.

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