SAP Data Extraction for Audit or Business Managers

Audit or Business Manager

Having easy access to consistent, reliable data can make the process of tax reporting and audit much simpler for your business. Streamlining this process can save time and effort and reduce your costs. Our data extraction solution for tax and audit provides your audit staff with direct access to accurate, consistent data at any time, without requiring SAP administrator support or impacting the security of your data.

Our data extraction solution provides auditors and business managers with direct access to the data they need. This autonomy can reduce the lead time needed for audit tasks and reduces the need for SAP administrator support. Our SAP certified software suite provides you with full traceability and the consistency of data your business needs.

Meeting the needs of Audit and Business Managers with our data extraction solution for tax and audit

We have worked closely with Audit and Business Managers to understand the needs of businesses when it comes to auditing their SAP data. Our solution allows auditors to generate reliable data extracts themselves and can output into any data format to suit the audit analytics tools used by your business. Our technical knowledge ensures that data security and system performance are not affected.

Our data extraction solution for audit and tax provides the following benefits:

Provides accurate data extracts at any time

The simple interface and granular permissions provided by our SAP certified software allows auditors to have direct access to the data without having to request it from SAP administrators. This can significantly streamline the audit process and reduce the overall cost of compliance. By making the process more efficient, you have more time to analyze your data and identify additional savings or new opportunities.

Query online and archived data from the same interface

Our advanced extraction software allows you to easily access both online and archived data from the same interface. This further streamlines the process and also allows your business to easily benchmark performance and compare against historic data.

Guarantees consistency with source data

We understand the need for traceability and accuracy when it comes to data for tax and audit. We worked with auditors in the design of our software to ensure extracted data is consistent with the source and can be relied upon.

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