Data volume management solutions for SAP Consultants & Project Managers

SAP Consultant or Project Manager

Our optimized data volume management projects are based on a tested methodology that delivers real benefits to clients. With experience of working with local and multinational enterprises of all sizes, our methodology has been proven across a wide range of businesses. We provide guaranteed data volume reduction based on targets agreed during the consultancy phase.

We use a methodology we developed especially for data volume reduction that incorporates archiving and deletion of irrelevant objects. This approach provides significant, ongoing reductions in data volume for businesses large and small.

Meeting the needs of an SAP Consultant or Project Manager with our optimized data volume management solution

We have worked with SAP Consultants and Project Managers across a wide range of industries over the last 20 years and have completed several hundred successful archiving projects. Through the course of these we have learnt from clients' requirements and used these to develop a scalable methodology that delivers return on investment.

Our optimized data volume management solution provides the following benefits:

A proven methodology that has been tested in a wide range of business environments

We have over 20 years' experience of delivering successful SAP archiving and data volume management projects. During this time we have worked with over 400 companies across the entire spectrum of industry. Our archiving methodology has been proven to be successful for companies of all sizes, system landscapes and geographical locations.

Clearly defined goals for data volume reduction

We have confidence in our data volume optimization solution and guarantee that a project will deliver the goals for volume reduction or storage space "gain" agreed during the consultancy phase.

Flexibility to add new archiving objects and scope after the project

Our optimized data volume management is not intended as a "one hit" project, but rather a lasting solution that provides ongoing benefits and increased ROI over time. As such the implementation can be easily modified to take into account future mergers and acquisitions, divestments or changes to tax and audit requirements.

Full knowledge transfer for lasting benefits

We ensure that our data volume optimization projects include full documentation and knowledge transfer that provides you with the autonomy to continue the archiving project in the future and make modifications to the archiving objects as necessary.

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We are happy to discuss your specific needs and answer questions about how data volume management can be implemented within your business. Contact us to find out more or to arrange an appointment. You can also download our whitepapers and product information.

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