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We have worked closely with SAP Administrators during numerous SAP archiving projects across a wide range of industries and have identified the common issues that are present in their businesses using SAP databases. Our optimized data volume management solution has been specifically designed to address their problems, providing SAP Administrators a simple way of managing data volume without impacting on data accessibility.

By reducing manual errors in the archiving process, allowing automation for scheduling archiving sessions, and a methodology for managing the growth of your data volume, we provide you with an efficient and cost effective way to support your business.

Meeting the needs of SAP Administrators with our optimized data volume management solution

We've listened to the needs of SAP Administrators over the last 20 years to ensure our software and solutions meet your requirements. We don't simply offer an archiving solution, but an end-to-end process that delivers business goals, complies with IT and data policies and provides ROI.

Our optimized data volume management solution provides the following benefits:

No manual errors introduced in the archiving process

We appreciate that the repetitive manual work involved in traditional SAP archiving projects can easily result in errors being introduced. This can compromise the integrity of the data and reduce its value for audit and tax purposes. By automating the process we can remove this risk entirely.

Automation of archiving sessions within your defined parameters

The heart of our optimized data volume management solution is a cockpit that allows you to easily define parameters for an archiving session then automate its creation. This can significantly reduce the resource required for recurrent archiving processes and provides lasting cost reductions.

Scheduled archiving sessions that can run without user input

Our archiving scheduling system allows you to "set and forget" your regular archiving sessions, ensuring that data is retained and volume is managed regardless of holidays, sickness or workload.

End-to-end data management processes to maintain data volume

We have designed an end-to-end process that includes archiving and destruction of the appropriate archiving objects. This allows the volume of your data to be effectively maintained or reduced to the levels that are required for your business and your data retention obligations.

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