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Archiving and data volume optimization projects can provide significant business benefits and ROI - but only if they are delivered on time and can respond to future threats and opportunities. TJC Group have delivered hundreds of successful projects across a wide range of businesses and can offer fixed price projects based on our flexible, proven methodology.

Our optimized data volume management solution takes our proven archiving methodology and tailors it to the needs of your business through detailed consultancy. We'll establish your goals during the initiation phase to guarantee that they are delivered through the course of the fixed price project. Our 20 years' experience, combined with an awareness of business processes, tax and audit regulations has allowed us to develop a flexible methodology that can change with your business. Our projects include a full knowledge transfer process that allows you to react to changes in tax and audit requirements or changes in business structure in-house without additional consultancy cost.

We work hard during the consultancy phase to understand the needs of your business and tailor our approach accordingly. We consult with stakeholders from across the organization to ensure that the implementation is robust, delivers returns for the business and has the flexibility you need to react to future changes. This detailed consultancy allows us to deliver projects for a fixed budget.

Our optimized data volume management solution provides the following benefits:

A proven methodology that has been tested in a wide range of business environments

We have over 20 years' experience of delivering successful SAP archiving and data volume management projects. During this time we have worked with over 400 companies across the entire spectrum of industry. Our archiving methodology has been proven to be successful for companies of all sizes, system landscapes and geographical locations.

Fixed price projects with defined goals for volume reduction

We have confidence in our data volume optimization solution and guarantee that a project will deliver the goals for volume reduction or storage space "gain" agreed during the consultancy phase, even if the project overruns.

Flexible methodology that can be modified to meet future requirements

Our optimized data volume management is not intended as a "one hit" project, but rather a lasting solution that provides ongoing benefits. As such the implementation can be easily modified to take into account future mergers and acquisitions, divestments or changes to tax and audit requirements.

Full knowledge transfer for lasting benefits

We ensure that our data volume optimization projects include full documentation and knowledge transfer that provides you with the autonomy to continue the archiving project in the future and make modifications to the archiving objects as necessary.

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