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Archiving and data volume management can provide significant business benefits and are widely considered to be best practice. However, implementing these steps into your business processes can prove challenging. We have created an optimized data volume management solution that enables archiving and other data management functions to be easily integrated into your existing processes, adding value to your business.

Our solution builds on our SAP expertise and our extensive work with business managers across a wide range of industries. Our software allows business users to access archived data using the same screens as live data, ensuring the interface is familiar and tasks can be completed easily. This allows your business to easily implement effective data volume management without adversely affecting your routine business processes.

Meeting the needs of Business SAP users with our optimized data volume management solution

Our solutions are customized to suit the needs of your business. We consult with stakeholders from all relevant areas, including business users, throughout the project. This ensures the implementation meets your needs, while fulfilling all IT and system administration requirements, resulting in a data volume management solution that has real and lasting impact.

Our optimized data volume management solution provides the following benefits:

Easily access archived data from a similar screen

The data archived as part of a data volume optimization project can easily be accessed by business users through the familiar SAP interfaces. This removes any issues presented by inaccessibility, but also allows archiving to be easily integrated into your existing workflows without complicating your business processes.

Implements best practice for tax and audit

Archiving your data has long been considered best practice for tax and audit purposes by most auditors. Our awareness of tax and audit regulation and detailed consultancy takes your current and future obligations into account during the consultancy phase. This gives you confidence in the integrity of the data and allows you to meet your regulatory requirements quicker.

Designed to meet the needs of SAP business users

Our detailed consultancy takes into account the needs of business users in terms of access to and use of data. Our desire is to deliver a project that not only manages the volume of data, but also ensure that the archived data is useful and usable. Our optimized data volume management solution is an end-to-end process, which includes the destruction of obsolete and unused data according to data retention rules in addition to archiving. This reduces the data volume considerably and makes the remaining data easier to manage and query.

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