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SAF-T compliance imposes specific requirements on your business that can be difficult and costly to meet. TJC Group have developed a SAP SAF-T compliance solution that is specifically designed to address this issue. We have worked closely with a Big Four audit firm to define a solution that can output SAF-T compliant data for any country from a single interface and can be easily extended to meet future needs.

With 20 years' experience of meeting the needs of SAP users, TJC Group have developed a range of software and solutions. Our SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) solution has been designed to meet the needs of multinational enterprises by providing a simple interface that can generate reliable, consistent tax data for any territory.

Meeting the needs of Tax and Audit Managers with our data extraction solution for SAF-T compliance

Built specifically for SAF-T report preparation with advice from a Big Four auditing firm, our SAF-T solution has compliance at its heart. Our software allows you to easily extract only the data you need for each territory and provides consistent, reliable data you can have confidence in.

Our SAF-T compliance solution provides the following benefits:

Provides a single solution that can output data compliant with any country's SAF-T regulations

Our SAF-T solution provides a single, easy to use interface that can be used to generate data extracts for multiple territories. Access to data for each country can be managed on a per-user basis where required. The solution is flexible, making it easy for your business to respond to changes in legislation or expansion into new territories.

Allows you to easily 'freeze' data to meet local tax requirements

For tax analysis it is typically preferred to use extracted data from the original source rather than live data as this ensures consistency of reports. Our SAF-T compliance solution can easily extract the specific data required for the defined time period. Extracts are exported into the relevant format for your auditing software and can be saved to a secure location based on the permissions of the user.

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