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The roll out of SAF-T creates additional requirements for SAP data extraction in order to ensure your business is compliant. This can add to the pressure on SAP administration teams, particularly for businesses that operate in multiple SAF-T countries. Our SAP SAF-T compliance solution can reduce the effort required across the business, while also reducing the impact on system performance presented by large volume data extracts.

Based on 20 years' experience in developing SAP certified software, TJC Group have also developed a stable data extraction solution for SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) compliance. Designed to provide audit and tax teams with autonomy to generate their own data extracts without impacting system security, this flexible solution can easily be extended to include new territories as legislation changes. More importantly, the content of each country SAF-T report has been mapped out in our solution to give you ease of use and confidence in the data extracted to prepare for this mandatory requirement.

Meeting the needs of SAP Administrators with our data extraction solution for SAF-T compliance

We have taken this knowledge and used it to develop a SAF-T compliance solution that makes it easier to deliver fully complaint SAF-T data without compromising on system performance and security.

Our SAF-T compliance solution provides the following benefits:

Provides autonomy to tax and audit staff while protecting key data

Delivering SAF-T compliance within a traditional SAP implementation can require multiple, complex requests for data extracts to the SAP administration team. TJC Group's solution allows you to give tax and audit staff direct access to the data extraction software, while controlling access to sensitive data on a granular level. This allows tax and audit staff to define their own queries and run them independently. Where large volume extracts are required, the SAP administration team have the option to schedule these for off-peak periods to minimize the impact on system performance.

Secure data access and extracts for specific country users

In a multinational corporation, specific access to country data is possible with the security features and user access levels built in to our SAF-T software. As the SAP Administrator, you are able to control access levels and security parameters directly on your SAP screen for users in other countries regardless of their SAF-T country content.

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