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Implementing SAF-T compliance presents a number of challenges across different functions of a business. TJC Group have worked with multinational enterprises and a Big Four auditing firm to develop a solution that addresses the key issues and simplifies the journey to compliance. Our secure solution provides tax and audit staff with an effective tool without compromising system security or performance.

With over 20 years' experience of developing SAP certified software and solutions to support SAP users, TJC Group understand the needs of businesses across the spectrum. We recognized the additional demands that SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) would place on multinational enterprises and have developed an effective tool to provide compliant data for all current SAF-T countries that can be easily updated to meet future needs.

Meeting the needs of Project Managers with our data extraction solution for SAF-T compliance

We have worked closely with stakeholders from across businesses and sought advice from a Big Four audit firm in order to develop a tool that meets the needs of all aspects of business. The result is a comprehensive solution that provides tax and audit managers with the autonomy needed to complete compliance tasks quickly and efficiently. They can be confident that the data extracted matches the specific SAF-T country content, while preserving the integrity and security of the data. The result is accurate, consistent data extracts that do not impact on the performance of your SAP system.

Our SAF-T compliance solution provides the following benefits:

A single solution for all countries

The SAF-T requirements vary by country, but our solution is able to output fully compliant data for all current localizations. The included definitions, developed with a Big Four audit firm, reduce the workload required to complete your submissions. Inbuilt flexibility ensures that future changes and further roll-outs of SAF-T can be easily managed.

Provides tax managers with an effective tool for directly accessing data

Data extraction for SAF-T will traditionally require multiple, complex requests for data from tax and audit staff to SAP administrators. Our solution gives tax managers a simple interface for generating their own queries and extracting the data themselves, within parameters defined by your SAP administrators. This can result in significant cost savings and reductions in the time required to complete returns.

A centrally managed solution that doesn't impact performance or system security

Our deep technical understanding of SAP implementations has allowed us to design a solution that delivers enhanced functionality without impacting the performance of your system or the security and integrity of your data. Access to data can be managed on a per user basis, allowing you to limit access to sensitive items. Secure storage for extracted data can also be defined on a per user basis so that data remains secure throughout its lifecycle. Large data extracts can be scheduled for off-peak periods to minimize the impact on system performance.

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