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Within a multinational enterprise, the implications of the SAF-T roll out may be felt mostly at a local level. However, access to data, system security and installation of SAP Add-Ons must be managed centrally in order to be sustainable. Our SAF-T compliance solution is designed for use across multiple territories and provides long-term cost benefits.

Designed in consultation with IT teams across a wide range of businesses, TJC Group have developed an effective solution for delivering SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) compliance. Built with flexibility in mind, our solution is extensible, allowing it to adapt to future changes in legislation or expansion into new territories.

Meeting the needs of IT Managers with our data extraction solution for SAF-T compliance

Our SAP certified solution balances the need for tax compliance with the considerations of system security and performance. We have designed a solution that can be easily deployed and managed centrally, while also providing granular access controls that can be defined at the user level. This ensures that staff in regional offices have access to the data they need and can generate extracts independently, within the parameters you define.

Our SAF-T compliance solution provides the following benefits:

Provides a single solution that can output data compliant with SAF-T regulations for any country

SAF-T requirements vary from country to country, but TJC Group's flexible solution is able to export data that is compliant with all local regulations and can be extended to meet future needs. This provides your business with a long-term, cost-effective solution that can be updated to respond to changes in the structure of your business or new legislation.

A centrally managed solution that provides local subsidiaries with the autonomy they need

Our SAF-T compliance solution is designed to be deployed and managed centrally, ensuring that your data security and system performance is not affected. It allows you to use the same security and user level control features for the SAF-T solution in each of your country subsidiaries. Once installed, it can provide significant reductions in the effort required to deliver SAF-T reports by allowing auditors and tax managers direct access to the data they require. Users can be given access to only those fields they require as part of their work and secure storage locations for data extracts can be defined on a per-user basis, ensuring you retain control.

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