Standard Audit File for Tax (SAF-T) Solutions for General Managers or CFO and CIO

General Manager or CFO and CIO

Implementing SAF-T compliance within an multinational enterprise can be challenging and costly. TJC Group have developed a solution that simplifies the journey to compliance, generates fully traceable data extracts and provides productivity gains.

Designed with compliance at its heart, TJC Group have worked with a Big Four auditing firm to develop a stable and robust data extraction solution for SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) compliance. Our solution gives tax managers access to generate data extracts themselves but also allows you to centrally manage user level access, without compromising system security. This can provide significant efficiencies, greatly reducing the cost of SAF-T compliance while ensuring you meet local tax regulations.

Meeting the needs of General Managers with our data extraction solution for SAF-T compliance

We have worked directly with our clients and a Big Four audit firm to understand the requirements of businesses and tax authorities for SAF-T compliance. Our solution allows your business to easily generate SAF-T compliant returns that meet any of the SAF-T country standards. Its flexible design ensures that it can be easily extended to meet any future needs.

Our SAF-T compliance solution provides the following benefits:

Meet your compliance deadline on time

With SAF-T definitions developed in partnership with a Big Four audit firm, you can have confidence that the extracts will allow you to meet your submission deadlines on time. The solution produces data extracts with detailed logs, which gives you confidence in the data consistency with the original.

Streamlined data extraction process provides productivity and accuracy gains

Traditional SAP implementations will require tax managers to submit multiple, complex requests for data extracts to busy SAP administration teams. Where queries are input manually, there is potential for human error. Our solution allows tax managers to generate and automate extracts directly, using a simple interface. User access can be managed centrally by IT teams, ensuring that data is still secure. These efficiencies can provide significant reductions in the cost of compliance for your business.

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