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Managing legacy systems to ensure continued compliance can be complex and costly. TJC Group have developed a solution that ensures the extraction of 100% of your legacy data and simplifies its storage.

We have developed a solution specific to decommissioning your legacy systems that comes from our expertise in SAP data extraction and archiving. Our methodology simplifies your system landscape and decommissions your system by extracting all of the data and documents from your legacy systems, allowing you to retire your system with ease but still be confident of being able to access your data when you need it.

Meeting the needs of SAP Administrators with our solution for mergers, acquisitions and system decommissioning

With 20 years' experience in developing data extraction and archiving solutions for SAP systems that have been implemented in hundreds of business worldwide, we have continued to develop our solutions based on the feedback from our clients. Our deep technical understanding of SAP implementations ensures that your storage landscape and system resources are optimized and you can still easily access your data from the decommissioned system.

Our solution for mergers, acquisitions and SAP system decommissioning provides the following benefits:

Extracts 100% of your data and documents to ensure continued compliance

Our advanced data extraction and archiving solution allows you to extract all of the data and documents from your legacy system, giving you confidence in its consistency with the source data. Data can then be imported into your chosen content system for continued access, ensuring your business continues to be compliant with data retention rules and readily respond to tax and audit requests.

Simplifies the storage of your legacy data and optimizes the use of system resources

Our methodology gives you full flexibility over the storage of your legacy data. Our unified management interface provides you with a simple means of accessing your legacy data from a workspace. This allows you to maximize your system resources and reduce your SAP licensing costs.

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