Complete solutions for data management, archiving, audit and tax compliance

Our trusted solutions help your business use your SAP data effectively. TJC Group can support you to reduce the overall size of your database, implement effective document management, and efficiently extract your data for tax and audit purposes.

Optimized data volume management

Manage the volume of your business data without impacting its availability and accessibility for business users. Our proven SAP data archiving methodology provides a smart way to reduce data volume without compromising on data integrity or security, while providing a user friendly means of accessing business data.

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Tax & Audit Readiness

As the volume of your business data grows, it can become more difficult to meet your tax and audit obligations. Delivering these obligations while retaining the security and integrity of your IT systems and policies can further complicate issues. TJC Group's innovative, SAP certified solutions can help. We ensure your business can meet both current and future legal requirements, without negative impacts on the performance or security of your SAP database.

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SAP SAF-T compliance

Ensuring that your business is fully compliant with tax regulations in all of the territories in which it operates can be complex. The introduction of the standard audit file for tax (SAF-T) has added to the demands on your SAP system and audit staff. TJC Group have worked with a Big Four auditing firm to develop an innovative solution that simplifies compliance across multiple territories.

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Mergers, acquisitions, divestment and SAP system decommissioning

Your business must be able to respond quickly to change in order to be effective. Changes in technology, the nature of your business and changes to the law can all result in legacy SAP systems that require decommissioning. Maintenance of legacy SAP systems can be costly, but access to historical data and documents is required for many. TJC Group can provide a legacy SAP system decommissioning solution that provides ROI and maintains access to 100% of the data and documents you require for day-to-day business follow up.

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Enterprise Content Management

As retention and audit requirements differ for data and documents, your business requires a document management solution that appreciates these differences. TJC have developed an enterprise document management solution that differs from the standard SAP document management solutions in the market, leveraging your existing SAP infrastructure while allowing easy management of documents throughout their lifecycle.

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