SAP data extraction for tax and audit compliance

Tax & Audit Readiness

As the volume of your business data grows, it can become more difficult to meet your tax and audit obligations. Delivering these obligations while retaining the security and integrity of your IT systems and policies can further complicate issues. TJC Group's innovative, SAP certified solutions can help. We ensure your business can meet both current and future legal requirements, without negative impacts on the performance or security of your SAP database.

Our intelligent SAP data extraction solutions make it simple and quick to extract the potentially large quantities of data required for tax and audit functions, such as for SAF-T and SOX compliance. As SAP database experts, we have developed a solution that does not have a negative impact on system performance and allows auditors and other relevant staff direct access to data while maintaining the security of your system.

Our flexible, scalable solution is ideal for multinational enterprises seeking a unified solution that can provide compliance data for all tax jurisdictions the business operates within. This flexibility also makes it simple to respond to changes in legislation, such as the increasing adoption of the SAF-T standard.

TJC Group can support your endeavours to make your business compliant with a wide range of tax and audit requirements in a way that minimises the impact on your business and protects your reputation. Designed to allow granular permissions, we will work closely with IT and SAP administration teams to ensure that our solution is fully compatible with your HR, data protection and information security policies.

What is SAP data extraction for audit and tax?

Our SAP data extraction solution allows an SAP query to be easily defined by the auditor, validated by the SAP system administrator and stored securely outside of the SAP database environment. This allows audit staff to access the online or archived data directly within their chosen software environment without impacting the performance of the SAP database.

With the flexibility to choose the content that is extracted, the output file format that the data is extracted to and the frequency of extraction, auditors can fine tune extracts to provide them with the data needed to be compliant with the relevant requirements.

Similarly, SAP system administrators have the option to approve large extracts and schedule extraction to take place at convenient times. SAP security settings are transferred with the data, ensuring data protection and information security requirements are met.

What are the benefits of SAP data extraction for audit and tax?

In a landscape of changing tax and audit requirements, the challenge of maintaining compliance and tax preparedness is one that many businesses struggle with. It can pose particular problems for businesses operating across several tax jurisdictions. TJC Group's data extraction solution for tax and audit simplifies the process and gives your business the flexibility to react to the changing landscape and provides a wide range of benefits:

  • Allows audit staff to access data directly, without the need for SAP system administrator resource.
  • Enables the extraction of large volumes of data without impacting on SAP system performance.
  • Maintains the security of your data throughout the process.
  • Provides an automated solution with user-defined intervals, reducing the overall cost of compliance.
  • Inbuilt flexibility and full knowledge transfer allows your business to quickly and efficiently respond to any future requirements and changes in legislation.
  • SAP certified ABAP plugin maintains SAP standards throughout.

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TJC Group have been developing SAP certified software and intelligent, reliable solutions for 20 years. With experience across a wide range of industries globally and working partnerships with the Big Four, we are a trusted partner that can help your business to keep up to speed with your tax and audit obligations.

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