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Beyond SAP Data
Archiving and
SAP Information
Lifecycle Management

SAP data archiving achieves

SAP data archiving achieves

  • More control and better resource management for SAP Competence Center (SAP CC) or
    SAP Center of Excellence (CoE).
  • Leaner and more efficient system landscapes.
  • Lighter and faster application transactions performance.

... to name a few.

Definition: SAP data archiving is the process of moving your ‘old’ data from the production system to archive files within a storage environment.

SAP standard archiving: Your SAP data and SAP documents archived into your chosen storage system.

TJC archiving methodology: Your SAP data and SAP documents archived according to TJC’s global recommendation of the best suitable solution (service and software). TJC ensures consistent data for future tax audit requests (called fiscal/tax archiving or fiscal/tax data extraction).

TJC global recommendation: Based on a fact-finding task of your business and IT strategies, detailed discussions with functional and technical leaders, and then widening the scope to include country regulations and compliance requirements.

SAP data archiving is a SAP recommended pre-requisite
for your system migration from
SAP® ERP Central Component
(SAP ECC) software and
SAP NetWeaver® technology platform to SAP S/4HANA®.

Based on a 2016 ASUG Research on HANA Adoption Survey:


Have already invested


Plan to invest


Are not currently
considering the move


Don’t know yet

Enterprise businesses will have to consider their system upgrade sooner or later.

There are two ways
to migrate to SAP S/4HANA and to reduce the cost and license structure associated with
  1. Conversion Roadmap
  • Archive before migration.
  • Aim is to get the database slimmed down.
  1. Greenfield Roadmap
  • Decommissioning of old systems (i.e. SAP ECC) is mandatory for Greenfield Roadmap and recommended for Conversion Roadmap.

SAP data archiving enhances your IT resources management and facilitates GDPR data deletion.

TJC archiving methodology and approach ensures:

  1. Continuous and stable access for end users to their online and archived data and their application systems before and after the archive process.
  2. Maintaining the return on investment (ROI) gained in volume savings through knowledge transfer to in-house expert or regular remote assistance.
  3. Audit-ready data for any future regular or on-demand tax audit requests.

Multiple country systems upgrade project. Archiving required to reduce the database before the upgrade.


Full extract for complete system decommissioning done in two months.

Rio Tinto case
study on complete decommissioning of legacy system.


Find out why the UK’s largest mobile telecommunications company decided to take
us on their transformational journey.

And how we are helping them address:

  1. A massive data volume growth through the merging of businesses and systems.
  2. GDPR compliance.

Watch the video opposite and understand how
TJC’s archiving methodology can
help you to:
  • Meet a basic need of improving system performance by not just ‘throwing more tin’ into it.
  • Prepare for GDPR compliance.
  • Get your data ready for SAP S/4HANA migration.
  • Shut down old and legacy systems.

Click to play this customer video session recorded at the
UK & Ireland SAP User Group conference.

It all starts with
TJC archiving expertise

It all starts with
TJC archiving expertise

Definition: TJC archiving expertise is when our specialists will look at all the key questions, understand both your business strategy and IT strategy, and provide a recommendation that addresses both business and IT teams. We will also educate and reassure the business users on the impact and benefits of archiving.

Download the solution sheet for TJC archiving expertise

We will look at:

  • An overview of your system landscape
  • Technology trends: HANA, ILM
  • Retention periods
  • Storage of archiving files
  • Retrieval
  • Legal trends impact: Tax archiving, regulations, GDPR

The result: A strategic report and recommendation with
a volume/memory commitment to achieve.

Customer decision, choose:

  1. TJC project with TJC archiving expertise specialists
  • Project run by TJC team based on the scope of work agreed with the customer.
  • Fully integrated to your existing IT schedule (depending on critical timelines).
  • Work to your business processes.
  • Implement archiving automation software (TJC Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC) software).
  • Knowledge transfer or remote assistance for ongoing archiving (business process outsourcing) after project completion.
  1. Customer to implement strategy in-house based on TJC recommendation with TJC software

Archiving Sessions Cockpit (ASC) ABAP Add-On solution sheet

In summary

SAP data archiving brings more benefits than only application and system performance improvements.

Not only do you have more control of your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and system management but you will also have confidence in your data consistency for future tax audit.

Before you start:

  1. Have you considered all these questions?

  1. You must also:
  1. Understand your business strategy to keep the archiving project focused and gain the maximum ROI.
  2. Provide secure access to online and archived data seamlessly after the project.
  3. Ensure data consistency and integrity for future tax audit.
  4. Include the different country regulations of your subsidiaries in your global plan.

Read more about Carlsberg’s
archiving achievements with us

Who we are

TJC Group is a consultancy firm and SAP software publishing house.
We focus in the areas of: SAP data archiving, SAP ILM, decommissioning, and data extraction for tax and audit purposes.

Our project approach is strategic to ensure you will have future-ready and audit-ready data to meet your responsibilities in tax audit compliance and other local regulations. Development and use of our software is to enhance and simplify your business processes in those areas so you can maximize your time and resources to reduce overall TCO and increase business efficiency.

Flexibility, adaptability, and resolve have been our way of business for over 20+ years. Even with 400+ customers worldwide, we still take your challenges personally and work alongside you to achieve your strategy and timeline.

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