All that data - 20 years' worth


Cassini-Huygens mission almost spanned 20 years launched in October 1997 and ending its mission in September 2017. It is considered as one of the most successful space missions to study about life in our solar system and Saturn.

Harry Potter is in its 20th year of publishing with 400 million books now sold worldwide.

Google domain was first registered 20 years ago in 1997, making revenues of USD80+ billion and still expanding in digital and mobile.

Netflix was founded in 1997, now with over 100 million subscribers.

TJC was started by 1 guy in 1997, now we serve over 400 customers worldwide and we still love what we do.

"Imagine all that data (from the books sold, digital footprints, subscriber transactions, etc.) that need to be archived and extracted." - says the data geeks from TJC (#TJCSwag)

Posted from DSAG Kongress 2017 - celebrating their 20th year.



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